Corporate Culture
We shall be known for:
    1. Excellence and Professional Competence
    •   Best-in-Class corporate performance
    •   Cutting edge technology
    •   Well-trained and motivated staff
    2. Integrity and Best Practices
    •   Zero Tolerance for corruption
    •   Transparent and honest business dealings
    •   Promptly meeting our Corporate Responsibilities
    3. Corporate Social Responsibility
    •   Our Host Government and Host Communities should be proud of our relationship with them!
    4. Multiplier Value Creation in Nigeria
    •   Crude Oil Refining for Local Consumption
    •   LPG Production for the Local Market
    •   Natural Gas distribution
    •   Stimulating industrial growth with our products
    •   Empowering local service providers
What we will not be:
  •   Our primary objective is NOT Money making but value creation. Wealth will come naturally with our Value Creation activities.