Business Model
A strong Indigenous Independent with Consistently strong balance sheet and Good Returns to all Stakeholders.
  •   We will ensure that all our Stakeholders derive optimum benefits and satisfaction from the business we do.
    Our Stakeholders are:
    - Our Shareholders
    - Our Staff
    - Our Host Government (Federal, State and Local)
    - Our Host Communities
    - Our Suppliers and Contractors?
  •   Create and Capture Optimum Value in the assets we operate
  •   Grow Production and Reserve Base
  •   Capture the full Value of the Oil and Gas chain
    •   Explore, Appraise, Develop and Produce Crude Oil
    •   Refine Crude Oil for domestic consumption
    •   Process Natural Gas to extract Liquids/LPG
    •   Market Crude Oil, crude Oil products, Natural Gas Liquids/LPG and Natural Gas.
  •   Our Nitch
  • Onshore Crude Oil and Gas Fields Development, Production, Processing and Marketing.